Pajero NL 98 Turbo Rebuild – Step by Step

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A friend of mine own a Pajero 2.8 Diesel 1998.

Its turbo started to “throw” oil so he decided to rebuild it by himself, we took some photos during the process and I’ll try to explain it step by step.


Wrenches: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 17 mm, 12mm with 12 points.

Sockets: same as the wrenches + a 8mm socket.

Pliers: regular pliers + C-Clip opener one (as appears in the picture later)

Parts: he ordered a turbo rebuild kit which can be found on eBay and other online stores.

First, clean the area, wash the engine and the turbo area so no dirt with get in and you will be able to see the bolts/hoses etc.

Let the engine cool down completely.

You can see the turbo right next to the oil filter in the following picture.

Start with disconnecting all of the hoses that are being connected to it. Be careful not to damage them…

Pajero NL turbo in place



Remove the heat shield which is right next to the turbo (on the left)

Pajero 98 turbo rebuild - step 1

Now, you can see the clamp that holds the turbo in place.

without heat shield

At the bottom of the turbo there is one more hose (oil one), remove the 2 bolts that hold it in place and remove it carefully.

Lower oil hose

Remove the bolts that hold the turbo – you can see one and a half of them on the right in the picture.

Be careful not to damage the turbo turbine !

Turbo - front view

After removing there 2 bolts, be careful not to pull that part too much. If it goes out of its place it is a real PITA to put it back…


Open the clamp that hold the turbo, unscrew the oil pass bolt right next to it (keeps the 2 metal seals) and carefully, pull the turbo out – you may need the help of a light rubber hammer knock….

Turbo holding clamp


Turbo is out

The turbo itself, once again, be careful not to damage the turbine!


Put the turbo in a clean safe place.

** Check the turbo and look for any kind of damage in the turbine. If any – you will have to replace/rebuild and balance it – if all you have is oil leaks/some play in the bearings – we will cover it here.

Mark the exact location of the upper turbine ( the one that you see in the picture above).

if you won’t install it in the exact same place you will have to balance the turbo – an expensive job…

1. Remove the locking C-Clip – you will need a special pliers for that.

Turbo's C-Clip

2. Pull the upper part out, do it carefully – do not damage the rear fan.

fan is out

3. After marking the location, unscrew the nut at the top of the turbine (8mm). You will need the 12mm, 12 points wrench to hold the other side of the pivot while you are opening that nut.

Pay attantion: that nut has a reverse thread screw!

Pull the turbine out, and remove the c-clip

Turbo rebuild step 5

4. Pull the rear turbine and the pivot out

Turbine in hand

5. Slide the bearing out and remove the oil seal (the metal ring). Install a new seal and bearing – in our kit the bearing didn’t fit but we had no play at all, so we kept them.

turbine oil seal and bearing

Turbo oil seal and bearing top view

Turbine oil seal - side view

Lubricate the new bearing and the pivot/seal with clean engine oil before putting them back.

6. Now, pull the inner parts out, replace the bearing, oil seal (once again, small metal ring) and the rubber O-ring. Basically, at this point, you can replace all of the parts that you got in the kit 🙂

Turbo inner parts

Pajero turbo rebuild kit

New o-ring

Notice the oil seals here as well:

fitting new oil seal

fitting new o-ring

<img class="alignnone wp-image-723 size-medium" src="×169.jpg" alt="rubber o-ring" width="300" height="169" srcset="×169.jpg 300w, http://www.pajero atorvastatin 20 mg×576.jpg 1024w, 1040w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” />

smaller c-clip

Lubricate the bearing after the installation in place (with clean engine oil).

top view

Don’t forget the inner bearing… (there are 2 bearings in the turbo)

inner bearing

inner bearing 2

Close and install everything in the reverse order.

Tight the locking nut to 11.3 Newton-meter (N*m)

turbo rebuild kit - finish installation

Install everything in the reverse order.



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